What Others Are Saying

Josh has the unique ability to connect personally and deliver great and practical content. He creates great results for leaders and organizations.
— Dr. John Townsend, CEO Townsend Institute, Author of Boundaries

While Josh has a PhD and an amazing pedigree of academic and professional accolades, my favorite part of his coaching approach is his world class listening skills, as he takes time to hear the issues you’re dealing with, rather than assuming he already knows. Then, with an amazing combination of sage wisdom and loving confrontation, gives clarity to the situation and provides a road map that not only rings true, but brings hope and excitement to the process. Josh has my highest recommendation as an investment that provides a huge ROI on the time and money invested in his coaching services. 
— Frank T., Entertainment Entrepreneur

For the past 8 years our marriage struggles have been the same. The same arguments, the same fears, the same miscommunications, the same disappointments. Too often than I wish to admit were thoughts of, “Why did we get married?” “We just don’t work well together.” “Love doesn’t seem to be enough to triumph over these struggles.” “Why is this so hard?”

After a few months of major cyclical fighting, in God’s perfect timing I learned about an opportunity to chat with Josh and Christi for a free consult for married couples and to learn about their coaching opportunity.  We were both at wits end, with three children and one on the way - things had to change! We were both ready to change, desperate for change. My husband agreed to join the consult call. 

We carefully discerned the opportunity and the “seemingly large” investment. The risk / reward was easy to see. At best, without intervention, we would stay on the same road we had been on for  years, “trying to love one another but missing the target”. At worst - marriage would turn more and more into a partnership that tolerates one another. But we believed that with the investment of our time, money, and energy, and with the guidance of Josh and Christi - there was hope! and believed that this opportunity could drastically change our life.  Our goal was to learn how to to operate as a team instead of independent people who kept missing each other’s love language, understanding, etc. Our goal was to change our relationship from surviving to thriving.

The beginning was tough. The accountability to come together and address the issues every week was vital. We both had to become more self-aware, owning insecurities and learn how to communicate without blaming and receive each other’s emotions.  Josh and Christi were phenomenal in coaching us through this sensitive process. They provided a judgement free environment, with constant encouragement and hope. 

Thanks to this program, we’ve established our family values. We are communicating better than we ever have. We are seeking to understand each other! We are seeking to show appreciation and love. We are identifying our needs and emotions and sharing them with one another! We have a clarity in the vision for our family! We are navigating through daily stress and working through heavy emotions re: extended family and past hurts together. 

We are encouraging each other to seek first a relationship with Christ and to pray more. 

I am so grateful for Josh and Christ and their coaching! They have been fantastic support for and played a pivotal role in transforming our marriage,  our family and us as individuals.  I am so excited for our future. I enjoy my husband more than ever. I love being around him again. I am able to see him for the awesome man God created him to be. I feel his support, acceptance, and love for me more than ever! I feel safe and free with him, just as I believe God intended us to be. 

I highly recommend the coaching and accountability that Josh and Christi have to offer! Their authenticity, faith, and passion to be their best selves inspires and guides others on their journey to their best selves.
— Jackie C., Coaching Client

We continue to use Dr. Straub for our annual retreats and seminars because of his ability to learn the culture of the organization and empathize with our unique situation and challenging leadership issues.
— Majors Ronald & Dorine Foreman, Salvation Army

The most successful executives live with relational integrity—both at home and the office. Josh’s approach to leadership exemplifies this.
— Shane Shetley, Sight and Sound Theatres

Before I get into the full testimony of how much Josh and Christi helped my wife and I, I should provide some background. To begin, we have been married since 2011 and have two wonderful children under 4. We both went to church growing up and became Christians at young ages. If you were to look at our marriage from the outside, you might’ve thought that it was great. To be very honest, our marriage was a disaster from an emotional standpoint.

The way that my wife and I communicated when no one was watching was not what you would call loving, caring, respectful, or any other positive adjective you can think of. Neither one of us knew how to argue and each one of us had a different way of arguing. I was a yeller and once I got it off my chest, I felt better. My wife did not receive yelling well, and she would hold in anger and let it sit, sometimes for days on end. We had emotional roller coasters throughout the first six years of our marriage. In short, we loved each other very much, but we were not “safe” for each other because of our communication patterns. And neither did we know how to fix things.

If you were to have asked me at the time, I don’t think I ever realized how hurt my wife was before we started working with Josh and Christi. To this day I’m still baffled that I didn’t see it. Thankfully, a friend referred us to the “In This Together” podcast. My wife reached out to them as somewhat of a last hope. It’s by the grace of God that we were able to connect with Josh and Christi and walk through coaching, because I don’t know where my wife and I would be today if we had not had this opportunity.

Josh and Christi have such a sound faith and allow their coaching to be based solely on how God wants us to love our spouse. One of the best things they did from day one was making sure that both my wife and I wanted our marriage to succeed. Over the course of three months we had face-to-face sessions over video conference that helped uncover some of the pains we had in our relationship that we were never able to express to each other. He helped us understand how to prioritize our marriage and how to communicate our love to each other.

Josh and Christi also helped us to set goals for our family and for our marriage that we are truly excited about. Our family is on a completely different path since working with Josh and Christi, and we are thankful to God for them!
— Ryan M., coaching client

My wife and I had been married for eight tumultuous years.  We had three children with the fourth on the way when Josh and Christi came into our lives.  I changed careers four years prior and we had moved four times. We were barely treading water when Josh and Christi came into our lives.  

Through the three quick months under Josh and Christi’s coaching, our marriage has blossomed.  Through applying Josh’s coaching principles, and doing a weekly video chat with Josh and Christi, my wife and I communicate better now than we ever have.  We have grown to be better individuals, which has exponentially improved the depth in our relationships. This is 100% attributed to work we did with Josh and Christi.  

Josh and Christi are fun, energetic, faithful, accepting, and truly want the best for each of us.  They provide the building blocks for improving the foundation of a relationship, the encouragement to do the hard work of changing ourselves, and the coaching along the way to remain focused on our primary goal —to love the Lord by being our best selves. Every aspect of my life has been touched because of the changes I made with Josh and Christi.  

Because of Josh and Christi, I am respected by my wife and she is loved by me.
— Scott C., Coaching Client