Group Coaching Programs

We offer group coaching programs throughout the year to help you set a clear direction for your family, build a rock solid marriage, develop emotional safety for your kids, and help you become more emotionally intelligent in your home and workplace. We believe harnessing the power of empathy and emotional awareness is the key to raising successful kids and becoming great leaders ourselves.


Your Family Purpose (4-week program)

A 4-week group coaching program that’ll help you establish family values for your family and help you make healthy decisions about how you "do" family. During this program you’ll have weekly (4 total) group coaching calls with Josh via Zoom, a community of other families you get to journey with on a personal level, and downloadable resources to help you complete your family’s vision and bucket list. We’d love to journey with you!

Dates: May 6, 2019 — Two different groups (Monday evening OR Wednesday daytime coaching calls) Spots are limited!

February 11, 2019. SOLD OUT!

“Thanks to this program, we’ve established our family values. We are communicating better than we ever have. We are seeking to understand each other. We are seeking to show appreciation and love. We are identifying our needs and emotions and sharing them with one another. We have a clarity in the vision for our family!”

-Scott C., coaching client

The Emotionally Safe Marriage (8-week program)

An 8-week group coaching program that will help you identify the roadblocks keeping you stuck in the same negative cycles with your spouse. Using the power of emotional safety, learn the tools necessary for a more connected, enjoyable, and intimate marriage. During this program you’ll have weekly (8 total) group coaching calls with Josh via Zoom and coaching videos each week to track your progress and goals. Because you and your spouse should be teammates, not enemies.

After a few months of major cyclical fighting, in God’s perfect timing I learned about an opportunity to chat with Josh and Christi for a free consult for married couples and to learn about their coaching opportunity. We carefully discerned the opportunity and the “seemingly large” investment. The risk / reward was easy to see. The beginning was tough. The accountability to come together and address the issues every week was vital. We both had to become more self-aware, owning insecurities, and learn how to communicate without blaming and receive each other’s emotions.  Josh and Christi were phenomenal in coaching us through this sensitive process. They provided a judgement free environment, with constant encouragement and hope. 

Jackie C., coaching client

EQ Course.jpg

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (8-week program)

An 8-week group coaching program that provides you the tools you need to gain self-awareness, emotion regulation, others-awareness, and empathy as a leader. Growing in emotional intelligence (EQ) is the key to greater relational connection and influence with those around us.

“The most successful executives live with relational integrity—both at home and the office. Josh’s approach to leadership exemplifies this.”

- Shane Shetley, Sight and Sound Theatres

The Emotionally Safe Parent (8-week program)

An 8-week group coaching program for parents to establish the 5 pillars of emotional safety in your home. During this program you’ll have weekly (8 total) group coaching calls with Josh via Zoom and coaching videos each week for your family individually to track your progress and goals.

“We loved each other very much, but we were not “safe” because of our communication patterns. And neither did we know how to fix things. Our family is on a completely different path since working with Josh and Christi, and we are thankful to God for them!”

-Ryan M., coaching client


When do the coaching programs begin?

Respective dates for the coaching programs will be listed under each program page above. Keep checking back for available dates. If you are interested in signing up for one of the groups and no date appears, click here to contact us about your interest.

How much do the programs cost?

I don’t believe you can put a price tag on becoming a better human being for your spouse and kids. With that said, I can’t do what I do for free and you need to have some investment. We believe the amount we invest in becoming better humans will only serve our kids better as they grow older. We’re not asking you do to anything we don’t already do for our own growth and emotional development. That said, we do what we can to keep our programs affordable. There are monthly payment plans and paid-in-full rates (which are discounted) to make it financially attainable. To discover which program is right for you, click here to schedule a free discovery call so we talk in more detail about your personal goals.

How do I know if I need coaching or counseling?

Click here to find out which service is right for you.

Do you provide a do-it-yourself course instead of coaching?

No. To accomplish your goals and grow as a family, coaching programs provide the best opportunity for success. Our goal is to provide the best quality services possible, and we believe this is best done by walking alongside families rather than leaving you on your own to do it. Honestly, the latter can be a real money pit. We don’t want you spending money on a program you won’t finish.

Can we do individual one-on-one or couples coaching instead?

Yes. We offer coaching sessions for individuals and couples. We also have an intensive 12-week individual couples program as well. To learn more about which would be a better fit for you, you can schedule a free discovery call or click here to contact us.