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“I am so grateful for Josh and Christi and their coaching! They have been fantastic support for and played a pivotal role in transforming our marriage,  our family and us as individuals.  I am so excited for our future.”

- Jackie C., coaching client

Feel stuck in your marriage? Has martial satisfaction plummeted since having kids? Caught in the same negative communication cycles?

Join us for an 8-week group coaching program that will help you identify the roadblocks keeping you stuck in the same negative cycles with your spouse. Using the power of emotional safety, learn the tools necessary for a more connected, enjoyable, and intimate marriage.

During this program you’ll have weekly (8 total) group coaching calls with Josh via Zoom, coaching videos each week, a community of other families you get to journey with on a personal level, and downloadable resources to help you complete your family’s values.

** After registration, you'll receive an email with further instructions and to sign your coaching agreement. 

Josh and Christi helped us to set goals for our family and for our marriage that we are truly excited about. Our family is on a completely different path since working with Josh and Christi, and we are thankful to God for them!”

-Ryan M., coaching client

“While Josh has a PhD and an amazing pedigree of academic and professional accolades, my favorite part of his coaching approach is his world class listening skills, as he takes time to hear the issues you’re dealing with, rather than assuming he already knows. Then, with an amazing combination of sage wisdom and loving confrontation, gives clarity to the situation and provides a road map that not only rings true, but brings hope and excitement to the process. Josh has my highest recommendation as an investment that provides a huge ROI on the time and money invested in his coaching services. ”

-Frank T., Entertainment Entrepreneur