Corporate Coaching

A Family Wellness Workshop that helps your leaders avoid the pitfalls of success, create healthy rhythms between work and family, and maximize your influence as an organization.


Create a culture of rhythm

Olsen and Turvey found that “when companies invest in relational wellness, returns on investment can range between $1.50 and $6.85 for every dollar spent on these types of programs."  We help you empower your employees to prioritize their home life and thrive at work. 


“Josh has the unique ability to connect personally and deliver great and practical content. He creates great results for leaders and organizations.”

-Dr. John Townsend, CEO Townsend Institute, Author of Boundaries


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Maximize the influence of your leaders

Happily married couples are more loyal and stable employees, healthier, and increase company profits. Why? Because their relationship skills transfer from the home to the office. Increase productivity by fostering emotional intelligence in those you lead. 

“While Josh has a PhD and an amazing pedigree of academic and professional accolades, my favorite part of his coaching approach is his world class listening skills, as he takes time to hear the issues you’re dealing with, rather than assuming he already knows. Then, with an amazing combination of sage wisdom and loving confrontation, gives clarity to the situation and provides a road map that not only rings true, but brings hope and excitement to the process. Josh has my highest recommendation as an investment that provides a huge ROI on the time and money invested in his coaching services.”

-Frank T., Entertainment Entrepreneur


Build a place your people love to brag about

Google recently found, in a major study of its hiring process, that its top employees possess empathy, emotional intelligence, and emotional safety (at the top of the list). These "soft skills" have now become the basis for what companies desire most in their leaders. Decrease churn, increase retention, and ultimately increase your bottom line by building a place your people love to brag about.

“We continue to use Dr. Straub for our annual retreats and seminars because of his ability to learn the culture of the organization and empathize with our unique situation and challenging leadership issues.”

-Majors Ronald & Dorine Foreman, Salvation Army