It all started when…

a very successful businessman told me on the phone twelve years ago, "Josh, I'd do anything to just have a relationship with my son again." Since that day, I began to see a pattern with those I coached, men and women who had big stages, but were burdened by their relationships at home. 

The more I worked with leaders and the more I studied the field, I began to see an eye-opening pattern--that leaders who focused on their relationships at home were more free to thrive on their stage. And guess what? They were more productive too. 

That's why I now coach leaders and their spouses to create more intimate and enjoyable marriages, connect deeply and purposefully with their kids, set healthy rhythms between work and home, and be more productive in what they do.

Our coaching approach uses strategies to develop emotional safety and emotional intelligence (see below) both in the home and workplace. We offer a variety of options that include individual and couples coaching, group coaching programs, coaching leaders through crisis, and corporate coaching and consulting.

We would love to serve you and /or your team.

Joshua Straub, Ph.D.

is a husband, dad, and a recovering human. By trade, Josh is a speaker, author, and marriage and leadership coach. He and his wife, Christi, lead the Straub Co., a company equipping high capacity leaders and corporations in family wellness. Josh is also a Fellow of the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling. As a marriage and family coach and consultant, and professor of child psychology / crisis response, Josh coaches leaders to be famous at home so they can thrive on their stage. He also speaks regularly for Joint Special Operations Command and serves military families across the country.

Josh is author/ coauthor of four books including Safe House: How Emotional Safety is the Key to Raising Kids Who Live, Love, and Lead Well. He and his wife, Christi, host the In This Together podcast and co-wrote an upcoming children’s book called What Am I Feeling?

Christi Straub, M.A., M.B.A.

is a native Canadian, wife to an American, and momma to two feisty kiddos. She is a marriage and family coach and Fellow of the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling. Her honesty, wittiness and transparency are contagious. She is co-host of the In This Together podcast and is coauthor of the children’s book, What Am I Feeling? (2019).

When she and Josh aren’t working together, they spend time on the lake on their 1974 Crestliner, train their disobedient puppy, and watch their kids crush karaoke on a stage built in their dining room. 

About Our Coaching

Google recently found, in a major study of its hiring process, that its top employees possess empathy, emotional intelligence, and emotional safety (at the top of the list). These "soft skills" have now become the basis for what companies desire most in their leaders. 

It’s difficult to put a price tag on truly understanding how you interact with others, especially the people you care about most. To acquire reliable tools to help you set healthy rhythms between work and home. To help you discern the underlying motivation behind the actions of another. To avoid the cancer of an affair or relational scandal. To develop the necessary self-awareness to become an empathetic spouse or a present parent. To become more consciously aware of the impact you leave on those around you. 

Yet, it's these traits that lead to those who thrive. And emotional safety and emotional intelligence are the foundation of our coaching process.